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Without a shred of a doubt, garage door openers have made everyone’s lives much easier. You won’t need to get out of your car every time you have to park it simply to open the garage door. This is the aim behind installing a garage door opener. It becomes so convenient that when the garage door opener suddenly malfunctions or shows trouble, the driver feels frustrated.

Hence, it is important to diagnose the exact problem or the issue, otherwise, you will find yourself stepping out of your car again and again simply to access your garage and park your car. In case, your garage door stops near the ground, then it is highly likely that the down limit switch is faulty.

What are the items required to adjust the garage door opener?

You require three things:

  1. A stepladder
  2. A screwdriver
  3. A flashlight would help

How to adjust the garage door opener’s screws?

Take a step ladder under the boxed area of your garage door opener. Keep someone standing beside you to support the ladder in a steady position. Now, you need to find the limit adjustment screws, there will be two. You can find these on side of this box towards the rear end. Then look for the up or open and down or close switch labels around the opener.

Make sure you switch these labels to the down or the close state by rotating your screwdriver in an anticlockwise direction. Make sure you rotate the screw to one-half of the direction, then to a complete rotation. This will keep your garage door open a few inches from the floor.

In the end, you need to step down the ladder and use the remote’s button or the control unit mounted on the wall. Do a test run, open, and close your garage door a few times to check where and when the door stops. If you are not satisfied, keep adjusting the screws till you get the results you want.


Once you have adjusted the garage door opener, and during the test run if the door begins reversing or stops near the floor, then the chances are that the safety sensors are faulty. You need to assess the health of the sensors installed on each side of the opening. You should look for any loose connections. If these sensors cannot connect, they will never let the garage door open smoothly.

The limit switches are usually simple screws, but different manufacturers may even use nits, tabs, or plates. If you attach these limit switches near to the track, these limiters will exhibit the same function as a screw.

You need to detach these limit switches and bring them either close or apart from the door. You8 need to test run the experiment to check what makes your garage door open and close easily. It can be difficult to determine the exact length at which the garage door needs to step from the ground, but you can learn by experimenting a little.

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